Nokia 232

Nokia 232

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Nokia 232 was a 1G phone by Nokia in 1994. The monochrome 232 phone was built by TACS (Total Access Communication System) technology. It was a Finland model that designed by Frank Nuovo. In 1994 and 1995, it was appreciated for a neat and small design.

Nokia 232

Display Primary Monochrome
Camera Primary  -
  Secondary  -
CPU Chipset
Memory RAM  
  Memory Card  
OS System Unknown
General SIM Mini-SIM, Single-SIM
  Dimension 147.3 x 53.3 x 23.1 mm
  Weight 184 g
  Released 1994, June
  Announced 1994
  Colors tortoise shell, raging red, indigo blue,
black ash, silver stone, green slate
Connectivity USB  
Features Sensors  
  Shock resistant  
Sound Headphone  
Battery Capacity Slim NiCd Battery
380 mAh (BTH-8S)


Technically, it was also impressive, with 16 hours of standby time and a 98 number memory. It was a consumer product rather than a business phone. 

The Nokia 232 price was £24.99 (~US$ 33) and retail price was £49.99 (~US$ 67).

It had 147.3 x 53.3 x 23.1 mm dimension with 184 g weight. Normally it was run on 380 mAh (BTH-8S)Slim NiCd Battery. Also, it had option for changing low and high mAh.

The Nokia 232 was impressed 'What Cellphone' magazine from UK. The 232 received plenty of recognition. The 'What Cellphone Best Consumer Phone' awarded (1994-95) to 232 for sharp style. Also, it won Design Award for 1995 and the magazine recommended it in 1997.

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