Samsung Travel Adaptor for SuperFast Charging 25W

Samsung Travel Adaptor for SuperFast Charging 25W

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Samsung Travel Adaptor for SuperFast Charging 25W is your go-to solution for rapid device charging. It designed for travel convenience, and this adapter delivers 25W of power, ensuring your Samsung devices charge quickly. Stay powered up and connected wherever you go.

These high-quality chargers are tailor-made for Samsung devices equipped with SuperFast Charging support, ensuring that your gadgets are powered up quickly and efficiently. With a robust charging output of 25W and a USB Type-A port, these chargers are both powerful and versatile. Their compact design makes them ideal for travel, easily fitting into your bag or pocket for on-the-go convenience. When it comes to fast charging, these chargers excel, rapidly replenishing the battery of compatible devices, so you can stay connected and productive. Additionally, the built-in LED indicator keeps you informed of the charging status, eliminating any guesswork. Invest in these chargers for a reliable and efficient way to keep your Samsung devices charged and ready for action.

Travel Adaptor for SuperFast Charging 25W


Compatibility Samsung devices with SuperFast Charging support
Charging Output 25W
Port Type USB Type-A
Travel-Friendly Compact design for portability
Fast Charging Rapidly charges compatible devices
LED Indicator Charging status notification

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