Celebrat A23 Technical Specifications

Celebrat A23 Technical Specifications

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Celebrat A23 headphones, equipped with a powerful 40mm drive unit, deliver a remarkable audio journey. With the advanced Bluetooth V5.0 chip (JL6925F), you can enjoy seamless connectivity up to 10 meters away. The headphones boast a battery capacity of 200mAh, offering up to 5 hours of music time at 70% volume and 4.5 hours of call time at 90% volume.

The A23 model ensures you stay connected with an impressive 80-hour standby time. Recharge in just 2.5 hours to continue enjoying your favorite tunes on the go.

Celebrat A23


Model A23
Bluetooth Chip JL6925F
Bluetooth Version V5.0
Drive Unit 40mm
Transmission Distance 10m
Standby Time About 80H
Battery Capacity 200mAh
Charging Time About 2.5H
Music Time About 5H (70% Volume)
Call Time About 4.5H (90% Volume)

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