Skullcandy Riff Wired Technical Specifications

Skullcandy Riff Wired Technical Specifications

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Skullcandy Riff Wired offers a delightful audio experience with its exceptional features. These on-ear headphones are designed for comfort with a lightweight build and ultra-durable headband. The refined acoustics ensure high-quality sound, and the collapsible, flat-folding design enhances portability. With a built-in microphone and call/track control, you can manage calls and music effortlessly. The headphones come with a 3.5mm AUX compatibility and a 1.2-meter cable. Experience crystal-clear sound with a sound pressure level of 98dB, 32 ohms impedance, and a driver diameter of 40mm. The frequency response spans from 20Hz to 20KHz, while the total harmonic distortion is kept below 1%.

Skullcandy Riff Wired


Headphone Type On-Ear
Comfort Lightweight, Ultra-Durable Headband
Acoustics Refined
Portability Collapsible, Flat-Folding Design
Microphone Built-in
Controls Call and Track
Compatibility 3.5mm AUX
Cable Length 1.2m
Sound Pressure Level 98dB @1kHz
Impedance 32 ohms
Driver Diameter 40mm
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion <1% (1mW/500Hz)

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