Nokia 1011 Mobile Phone History

Nokia 1011 Mobile Phone History

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Nokia 1011 was a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) mobile phone. It was launched in 1992. Also, it was the first mass-produced mobile phone to use the GSM technology.

It was a brick shaped phone that weighed around 495 grams, and featured a monochrome LCD display. It had a battery that provided up to 90 minutes of talk time and up to 12 hours of standby time. Also, Nokia 1011 was the first phone to feature the iconic Nokia ringtone, which became synonymous with Nokia phones for many years.

Nokia 1011 was a significant milestone in the history of mobile phones, as it paved the way for the widespread adoption of mobile technology. Earlier (prior to the Nokia 1011) mobile phones were bulky, expensive, and they used analog technology. This analog technology limited coverage range and poor voice quality.

This phone was one of the first mobile phones to be approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States. This approval a major achievement for Nokia.

Nokia 1011


Network GSM 900 MHz
Model NHE-2XN
Dimensions 195 x 60 x 45 mm
Weight 495 g
Display Monochrome LCD, 2 lines, 8 characters per line
Battery Ni-CD 7.2V 900 mAh, removable
Memory 99 entries
Data inputs Mini-SIM
Ringtones Numeric keypad
Other features External antenna, built-in speaker and microphone

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